US approves E-cigarettes in the face of new regulations

The United States is about to begin the first phase of a sweeping federal regulation of electronic cigarettes.The rules were announced Tuesday in the form of a draft regulatory plan for electronic cigarettes that would apply to manufacturers of electronic […]

Tobacco companies’ research to promote e-cigarettes is costing billions

E-cigarettes are among the latest products being marketed as safer alternatives to conventional cigarettes, but new research suggests the products are likely to harm smokers.The research by the Tobacco Institute and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) suggests that nicotine […]

Shopify: Cigarettes for sale are on sale online for the first time

E-cigarette shop vendors have been allowed to sell cigarettes online in an attempt to help ease the growing opioid crisis.Shopify CEO David Rennell said the e-cigarette industry is in a unique position to help solve the epidemic.“We have a huge […]

How to make sure your cigarette is the best fit for you

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