e cigarette review: Cigarette maker says it’s better than cigarettes by about a third

A company that makes a nicotine-replacement drug has said its latest product is superior to the nicotine gum and patches it used to sell as cigarettes.

E Cigarette has marketed its e-cigarette as a “smoker-friendly” alternative to cigarettes.

It’s been sold at retail outlets and through online retailers for about a year.

It has also been the subject of some negative publicity.

The company has made a new product that comes in two flavours, e-liquids that are lighter in nicotine content and a traditional cigarette.

The company says its latest offering, called E-Liquids, comes in three flavours: mild, medium and strong.

The new product comes in “strong” flavours that deliver more nicotine than the nicotine-free E-Liquid that has been available in the U.S. for some time.

The U.K.-based company is hoping the new product will be an alternative to the cigarette.

It says it was one of several companies that tried out a nicotine replacement product in the past few years and that it has sold more than 10 million E-liques to customers.

The New York Times is not the first news outlet to report on the company’s new product.

In a review for the New York Post, David Remnick called it “an attractive alternative to traditional cigarettes.”

“If you want a nicotine blocker, you can get it for about five bucks,” Remnick wrote.

“If you’re on a tight budget, there are other alternatives out there.

E-cigarettes are not as expensive as traditional cigarettes, but they’re not as satisfying either.”

A spokesperson for E Cigarette said it’s not a health concern, saying it is “the safest, best nicotine blocker.”

The company’s latest product, which comes in a white box, comes with a warning that it’s for people 18 and over.

It also comes with the company logo on it.