Minnesota e cigarette researchers, medical professionals to meet with media

Two Minnesota-based research groups will meet this week with media to share their findings and discuss new approaches to nicotine replacement therapy, according to an email obtained by CBC News.

The Minnesota E Cigarette Research and Medical Board, a coalition of medical professionals, is holding its first meeting of the year to share its findings and discussions on a new nicotine replacement program.

The plan calls for three-day workshops in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

The group is a non-profit organization that aims to research and conduct studies of tobacco products and health, and also advocates for the prevention of tobacco use and the legalization of e-cigarettes.

The meeting comes amid an uptick in the number of people using e-cigarette liquids and vapors, particularly among teenagers and young adults.

In Minnesota, one-third of young people say they have tried e-cigs, according the American Lung Association.