A lot of people have been watching you live. What do you think of the reaction?

In this case, it’s a different story.

After the first couple of games, you get a lot of interest.

It’s hard to put a price on the hype.

But as you go deeper into the season, the buzz gets higher and higher.

There is a lot to enjoy here.

We have a couple of good teams playing and we are playing well, so we can look forward to the end of the season.

That is the most important thing for us.

In the first half, we played well and created lots of chances.

That’s how it should be for us to finish the season on a high.

You can only play as well as you can and try to do better and win as many as possible.

That was the goal of the team from the first day.

We worked hard, we kept the ball well and we made a few good saves, but the game was not close.

After that, we were disappointed.

We were the better team in the first 40 minutes and then we could not score a goal.

In that time, we didn’t do a lot, but we made good decisions and tried to do the right things.

We knew that it was not going to be easy, so I said: Let’s do it for the next game.

We had the balls to do that and we did it.

There are no excuses.

That game against Ajax showed that, even if you lose the game, you still have to be motivated and we will do everything we can to try to improve the team.

We are doing everything to try and improve and that is the important thing.

It is true that we did not have many chances and some good ones, but it is hard to do it all by yourself, so you have to work with your teammates.

We did not score many goals, but that was because we were not aggressive enough.

That happened to us against Ajax.

We should have been more aggressive and created a few chances.

There was a good chance that we would have scored in the last 15 minutes, but after the second goal we just lost our balance.

We can’t be complacent, so it is important to take positives from the game and work on what happened next.

After our defeat to Ajax, the team had a lot more confidence and we can be proud of the way we played.

We know that this is a tough team.

They have been very strong and they have been able to dominate the games against us.

We need to keep improving in the remaining games and we hope to get a good result against Real Madrid.

They are a good team and we have to play well, but if we keep improving, they will be the favourites.

I hope that we can give them some problems and give them a chance to lose, but I hope they will give us a good fight and try our best.

We just want to keep trying and playing our best football.

In our last game against Real, we won 4-1 and that was the moment we were ready to go for the title.

But I have to say that we have worked hard and we were lucky in the match.

In this moment, we have been playing good football and we just had to be patient and to give it our all.

We will try to win the title again next season, and we need to be consistent with our performances.

We want to win titles, but to win them is something we can’t control.

We hope that this year we can get some good results.

We don’t have any plans yet but we want to get some results.

You have to give yourself the best chance to win every game, because the team always has the chance to improve and get some better results.

The team has been playing really well and it’s up to us to keep doing our best to win, but when you have a good performance, it can help a team to be competitive.

It helps to give you a better chance to get better results, and that’s why we have faith in each other.

We work really hard and it is a difficult league, but you always have to try your best.

It feels like this is the last time for me, and I am looking forward to it.

I have enjoyed the last couple of months.

It was good, but also disappointing and difficult to watch, especially after the defeat to Real Madrid and to Ajax.

This is my first season in English football, so the pressure was higher and the game had more intensity.

But now it’s time for the end and it will be a great feeling.

The last few weeks have been hard and a bit disappointing.

We made mistakes, and they were costly.

But this is football, and you need to give everything you have.

We needed to give more chances and to play more attacking football, but then you have the moment when you make a mistake and you get punished.

I am disappointed that I was not able to do something to help the team win