When will the e cigarette style become mainstream?

What do you think?

Will e cigs become mainstream in the next 5 years?

Will you ever try one?

We are talking about electronic cigarettes, the electronic nicotine delivery systems that are currently in use.

Electronic cigarettes have become an incredibly popular form of tobacco smoking.

As vaping became popular and mainstream in 2013, a trend of mainstreaming began. 

In 2013, e cigarette sales reached $1.7 billion.

This year, sales have reached $2.2 billion. 

By 2019, the global market for e cig products has reached $4.4 billion.

But the industry still faces an uphill battle to make it mainstream. 

One of the challenges is to get smokers to switch from conventional cigarettes to vaping.

This has been a difficult and controversial battle. 

According to a 2014 study by the University of Texas at Austin, nearly 60 percent of smokers in the United States are still smoking traditional cigarettes. 

E-cigarettes are now widely available in the US, and are currently the most popular electronic cigarette in the country. 

The US FDA is currently considering whether or not to allow e-cigarette devices to be sold on the market. 

However, the decision will likely be made in 2018. 

While there are many reasons why e cig sales are continuing to grow, the biggest factor is the growing acceptance of vaping in the culture.

E-cigarette use has also become a mainstream activity, as it is accepted as a healthier way to consume tobacco and is the fastest growing form of nicotine replacement therapy. 

As the popularity of vaping increases, there is also the growing concern over the potential negative health effects.

In 2016, a study published in the journal BMJ showed that e-cigarettes contain nicotine and are a major cause of premature death. 

“E-cigarette consumption and nicotine levels may be significantly higher than for conventional cigarette smokers,” the authors wrote. 

Another study published last year found that e cigarette users were twice as likely to die from any cause as non-users. 

It is also worth noting that e cig users also consume more nicotine than non-e cigarette users, and that the consumption of e cig cigarettes is more likely to lead to a nicotine overdose. 

When e cig consumption and usage becomes mainstreamed, it will also affect the tobacco industry. 

Since e cig use is not a health hazard, many smokers are hesitant to switch to vaping and thus avoid the risk of quitting smoking altogether.

But if e cig usage becomes more widespread, then it will likely increase the popularity and profits of the tobacco companies. 

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