E-cigarette regulation and branding: Dubai’s ‘E-Cigarette Expo’ comes to life

Dubai is going to host a major e-cigarette event in March that aims to change how consumers are educated about e-cigarettes, according to the company behind the convention.

Dubai Tobacco Company Ltd, which was founded by former CEO Mohamed Al Qudsi, is hosting the E-Cigs Expo, which will include workshops, demonstrations and a Q&A session on the product and its regulatory status in the UAE.

The company hopes the event will create awareness and encourage consumers to try e-cigs for the first time.

The Dubai Expo will be held on March 29, from 10am to 2pm at the Dubai Mall.

“Dubai’s E-cig Expo will make it easier for the public to learn about e, as well as promote the new products,” Dubai Tobacco Co’s general manager Rohan Ghannam said in a statement.

“This is an exciting opportunity for the entire industry to reach out to the public and promote the benefits of e-liquid and the way it can be used to replace cigarettes.”

Dubai has been a hub for the development of e, the industry is expected to grow by as much as 90% by 2025, according the US-based e-cig advocacy group Cigarette Free World.

Dubay Tobacco Co will host workshops to promote the safety and efficacy of e liquids in a public forum in March, according a company statement.

The E-cigarettes Expo, called the E Cigarette Expo, is set to take place in March in Dubai.

The Dubai Expo, also known as the E Juice Expo, will be the largest and most prestigious e-juice convention in the world, according Cigarette Friendly News.

The event will take place on March 28, from 2pm to 7pm at Dubai Mall, the site of the Dubai Expo.

E-juices, or e-liquids, are liquid cigarettes that contain nicotine, propylene glycol and/or flavoring.

The liquid nicotine is sold in an aerosol form, with flavored e-colas available in a similar format.

In September, a British man died after inhaling a cloud of smoke from a vaporizer.

His family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the manufacturer of the vaporizer, V2.

The FDA approved e-smoke products in 2015 and the e-pigment industry is worth $1.3 trillion, according e-trends.com.

The e-Liquid Expo, or E-Juice Expo, to take the place of the E Tobacco Expo in Dubai, will feature a panel on e-fresheners, aswell as other vaping related topics.

E Cigarette International is planning to host the event, and will be showcasing the latest innovations in the e liquid industry in Dubai on March 23.