How to use the best e-cigarette pens to save money on your next purchase

Read moreAbout a year ago, we introduced the brand new E-cig pen, the Altria E. We have been pleased to see that Altria’s customers have been very pleased with the quality of the pens and are willing to pay more for them.

The new pens are also very easy to use.

This is especially important as they are now available in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

The pens are a new product, but the quality is great, and Altria have put their own stamp on it.

They have also put the new pens into a new box with a nice label that is easy to read.

The new pens use a proprietary technology, which is similar to the technology that the industry uses in pens to make them waterproof.

This allows the ink to pass through water but it also means that the ink can dry and become saturated.

These are known as wet-touch technology.

They also have a special coating that makes them less likely to get damaged.

They are also thinner and lighter than before.

As a bonus, Altria also offer a range of refillable cartridges for the Alturias, which means you can also use the same ink with different pens.

So, for example, you could make your own refillable cartridge and put it in the box.

You could also buy a refillable with the pens or a refill that was designed specifically for them so that you can mix and match the different pens with different brands of pens.

If you are looking for a new way to save a few extra dollars on your E-cigarette, this is the pen for you.