How to avoid the e cigarette problem

E-cigarettes are the latest fad to hit Australia, with many people switching from smoking to vaping.

With so many options out there, it’s difficult to know which to choose.

Here’s how to avoid being hooked on e-cigarettes.


Buy a refillable e-cigarette with a clear warning label on the box.

These refillable devices have a clear “not for human consumption” message, and are usually designed to be used with nicotine gum, menthol, and other liquid or liquid concentrates.


Know what kind of liquid or nicotine product you’re using.

These are usually sold as e-liquid or e-juice, or have the word “e” in their name.


Know which flavour of e-liquids you’re vaping.

The most popular brands of e juice and e-cigs are called e-flavor, e-pigs, and e.g. e-vapor.

E-flavors are typically made from vegetable glycerin or other oils, while e-cig flavours are usually flavored with nicotine.


Avoid using the word e-e-liquid in the description of e cigs.

This is a common mistake among smokers and others who are not familiar with the flavour of their favourite e-salesmen.

It can be difficult to tell if a product has nicotine in it. 5.

Do not vape in enclosed areas, like the kitchen, bathroom or the car park.

If you can’t stand the smell of smoke, consider leaving the area.


Avoid smoking e-Cigarettes in public, or with anyone under 18.

These products are widely available and are considered to be a gateway to smoking.

There are no official guidelines on the use of e cigarettes in Australia, so it’s up to the individual to decide whether they want to vape or not.


Know the difference between a ‘normal’ e-smoker and a ‘regular’ e cigarette user.

‘Regular’ e smokers are those who use e-tobacco products regularly and are regular smokers.

‘Normal’ e cigarettes users are those that use e cigarette products only sporadically.

You can check for yourself if you’re one of these.


Be aware of e cigarette laws and warnings.

Many states have laws that prevent vaping, but you may also be able to find a vape shop in your area.

You may also want to check the Australian Government website for more information on the e-smoking ban in Australia.


Get advice on how to quit smoking.

Get help from a smoking cessation program, such as the Australian e-Smokers Network.

If your doctor or healthcare professional tells you that you can quit smoking, you should seek their advice.

They may be able help you with quitting, but don’t necessarily want to help you quit.


Check your health history and make sure you have no symptoms of a lung condition.

Smoking can affect your lungs and your lungs can also affect your heart, lungs and heart.

If a lung problem is suspected, you may want to see a specialist.

For a detailed list of lung conditions and smoking restrictions, please contact the Smoking, Health and Tobacco Surveillance Branch.