When is Gold e Cigarette due to hit UK shelves?

The company behind Gold e cigarettes has announced a release date for its new tobacco products.

The company’s website lists the date of the first batch of Gold e cigars as April 20, 2018, a date which is set to coincide with the UK government’s Tobacco Control Regulations (TCR).

The new products will be available to customers of all UK shops, with the first shipment arriving in the UK next week.

The Tobacco Products Regulations (TPRs) which govern tobacco are in place in the country.

The new Gold e tobacco is said to be a blend of 100 per cent Dominican Republic tobacco with a touch of Dominican pepper.

Gold e has said it is aiming to reduce the amount of sugar in the tobacco, and to reduce tar content.

It is also said to have been developed with the help of a specialist company in the Dominican Republic.

“We’re working with an expert to develop a blend which is very similar to the Dominican cigar and the Dominican pepper, which is exactly what you’d expect,” Gold e CEO, Carlos Garcia, told reporters in Miami.

“What I’m saying is that the blend has been tested in a laboratory and it’s safe and stable,” he added.

“It’s not a blend we’ve made with tobacco from the Dominican,” Garcia added.

“It’s a blend with the Dominican tobacco and the Caribbean pepper.”

This is the best blend that we can come up with.

It’s a very unique blend.

“The company said the new Gold cigarettes would feature a “very small amount of nicotine” and that it was designed to be more discreet than traditional Gold e.

Gold’s previous cigar products were designed to appeal to those who smoke in public.”

The taste is what we’re aiming for,” Garcia said.”

Our goal is to appeal, not only to smokers who are smoking at home, but to anyone who wants a blend that’s not something they’ve ever had before.

“If you’ve never smoked Gold e, and you think it’s too strong, it’s because you’ve tried it too much.

If you’ve smoked Gold, you’re probably not going to have much of a problem.”

Gold e currently has a limited distribution in the United States, with its cigars being distributed by the likes of Cigar City and the Big Apple Cigar Company.

The company previously announced a partnership with e-cigarette manufacturer Joyetech to develop the Gold e e cigars.