American e cigarette construction workers get $3,000 bonuses for unionization

Axios article An e-cigarette worker in Ohio has gotten a $3 million bonus to get the union he worked for approved for a $30 million contract extension.

The union representing construction workers at American Cigarette Co. has not been awarded a new contract.

The company had already reached an agreement with the workers’ union for $1.3 million.

The bonus was approved Wednesday by a board of directors that includes two former union officials.

The American Cigarettes workers have been demanding the company give them the same pay and benefits as regular workers.

The workers have said they have been paid less than $30,000 a year for working more than 10 years and that they have suffered retaliation for speaking out.

The company, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is one of the nation’s largest cigarette companies.

It’s the largest producer of e-cigarettes and has plans to manufacture an entire line of its products.