When Nautilus Airplane Gets Its Own Nautiluses

The Air Force is expected to announce its plans for a new unmanned fleet of aircraft this week.

The Air National Guard is building a new fleet of drones to replace the fleet of manned aircraft currently flying, and it’s not just about the planes.

The Navy is also working on a new air force, but there’s a big difference in the Air Force and the Navy.

Both have a Navy SEAL and an Air Force veteran who helped train the pilots who fly them.

Both also have a big presence on social media, but they also have more active duty and reserve military members and their families to help them.

The military’s fleet of unmanned drones, the Navy’s fleet, and the Air National Guards new fleet all work together.

The Navy has been working on unmanned aircraft since the early 2000s.

Its drones are based in Europe, but it also operates in Asia and the Middle East.

The Navy says its drones can be used in hostile airspace, though the military has not specified where they are operating.

Navy officials say the Navy will operate the drones from a small base in New York, and that they will fly autonomously at night or when there are no nearby manned aircraft.

That base is at Fort Bliss, Texas, a sprawling base on the Texas-Mexico border where the Navy uses the base for training.

The Air Force has not said when it plans to start using unmanned aircraft.

But the service’s unmanned aircraft program, known as Air Force Advanced Capabilities, is being reorganized.

The service will start using the drones by the end of this year, and will use the drones in the air.

Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Welsh told reporters in August that the Airman National Guard would start flying unmanned aircraft in 2018.

The new program is being built around the new Navy Air Force Space Command, which has been in place since 2013.

Airman National Guardsman Brian Bocher, a veteran who served in the Navy SEALs, will lead the new program.

Bochers father served in Vietnam as a Marine and now lives in Los Angeles.

The family will fly the planes, according to a press release from the Air Forces.

The new Air Force drones will be a new class of unmanned aircraft, the Air Systems Command said in a statement.

It said they will be capable of delivering large-scale missions.

They are intended to be the most capable of the Air and Space forces’ capabilities.

This is a new era for our military.

This is a major step forward for our nation and our military, Air Forces Command Chief of the Systems Command Maj. Gen. Michael Hoeppner said in the statement.

“This new fleet will provide our men and women in uniform the capability to execute their missions with precision, speed, agility and lethality,” Hoeppelner added.