What’s the story behind the e cigarette singingapore story?

Singapore has been on a quiet march towards being one of the most smoke-free cities in the world.

And while we’re not going to beat around the bush, we’re glad to report that we now have a story to tell.

On Thursday, the city of Singapore, which is home to Singapore’s largest Muslim population, will officially become the first country in the Middle East to officially allow e-cigarettes.

It’s the first time in the Arab world that a country has officially banned the use of e-cigarette.

The e-cig industry is booming in the country, with demand for the products in China and the United States, where there is a lot of demand.

There are currently more than 30 million people in Singapore who use e-cigs, according to the government, but that’s a fraction of the 1.8 billion people in the Muslim world.

The country is also one of several countries in the region that has banned the sale of tobacco products, but it hasn’t banned e-liquid.

Singapore has the highest number of smokers in the entire Middle East, and the city’s smoking rate is the highest in the whole region, at over 80 percent.

In Singapore, smoking rates have dropped to the lowest in the Gulf, and in 2015, it was estimated that smoking rates in the city would drop by 80 percent if the law was implemented.

Singardan authorities are hoping that e-tobacco can help fight smoking in the province, which has a population of just over 1.4 million people.

A ban on the use e.cigarettes would be a step in the right direction, but we’re still waiting for a nationwide ban on e-liquids and the implementation of similar measures in the rest of the country.

We can’t wait to find out how the new regulations will affect Singapore’s smoking rates.