NHL: The NHL’s Spinner e Cigarette Dealers Are Getting Spicy

Spinner Tobacco Company’s first-ever deal with the NHL will include the NHL’s first foray into e cigarette sales.

Spinner will sell its Spinner E Cigarettes to the NHL and its NHL Players Association (NPA), the NHL said in a statement.

The NHL will also buy a small amount of the tobacco and use the proceeds to help the NPA with the cost of tobacco addiction treatment.

Spinal Tobacco CEO John Mancini, who is also president and CEO of the NHL Players’ Association, said he and the league reached an agreement because “the partnership has been in the works for several years.”

Mancini said that he and his company have been working on a joint venture with the NAA for about a year and that they “made a commitment” to do the deal.

The deal is a first for the NLA, which had previously limited sales of cigarettes to players.

The NPA said that the deal is expected to generate $300 million in revenue for the league over the next decade.

Spinners CEO John B. Bresnahan, who previously served as the president and chief operating officer of The Bresnan Group, said in an interview with The Associated Press that the agreement was an “opportunity” for the NHL to “continue to promote the health and well-being of our players and our fans.”

“It’s been an amazing relationship with the players,” Bresnick said.

“We have the best people in the business and the best teams in the league, and we’re excited to have the NHL on board with us to continue to help these players and their families.”