Why we want to get rid of e-cigarettes and the best ways to do so

Why do we want the government to ban e-cigarette use and replace it with vaporisers?

The world is waiting.

The government of Thailand has recently announced it plans to ban the use of e e-cigs by people under 21 and restrict their sale to adults.

The ban will also see all tobacco products sold in stores and online banned.

The move will come as a shock to consumers, who have long been wary of e‑cigarettes.

But as the number of e‐cigarette users in the country has skyrocketed in recent years, there has been a backlash against e-cig use and the government has faced calls to ban them altogether.

This week, the government unveiled a plan to ban and regulate e-liquid products, which is designed to give consumers confidence that the tobacco products they buy in stores will be safe.

In a recent interview with CNN, health minister Prayuth Chan-ocha said e-liquids will be restricted to one use per person and the ban will take effect in three months.

But he also stressed that the ban would not be as drastic as in the UK, where e-smoking is banned for adults under 18 and those who smoke for more than three hours a day are exempt from the ban.

“We want to ensure that consumers have confidence that e-products can be safely used and that we have a clear plan for the implementation,” Prayoutha said.

“The government has a long way to go in this direction and we want people to be assured that there will be no harm done to the public.”

He added that there was still no proof that e‑cigarette use was harmful, and that he would like to see studies to test whether the vapour produced by the e-smokers were harmful.

“What we are hoping is that in the short term, this will help us in making our public health decisions,” Praysuth said.

The minister added that while the government would ban e‐cigarettes from the public, it would not ban them from private households.

“There is no ban on the sale of e cigarettes, but the sale and use of vaping products will only be allowed in certain places,” he said.