e cigarette ban in DC?s capital may not survive the Trump administration

Washington DC, D.C. — It’s not the first time President Donald Trump has said that he doesn’t think cigarette smoking is healthy.

In 2016, the president said, “I don’t smoke, I don’t like cigarettes, I think it’s a terrible product.”

The statement was so far off the mark that it has since been pulled from his website and the White House press office has declined to explain its reasoning.

This week, however, Trump is set to unveil a revised ban on smoking in public places, including restaurants, hotels and sports venues.

The ban, to take effect June 1, will not apply to recreational smoking, but it will make it a federal crime for businesses to operate without a permit.

Smoking in public will be a felony, and businesses will be barred from vending tobacco products in the lobby.

“This will be the first major regulatory effort to curb smoking in Washington, D,C.,” said Laura Baehr, policy director for the Center for Tobacco Control and Alcohol Policy, which is leading the legal fight against the ban.

“The White House is trying to say this is about health and the public good.”

Baehhr said the ban is “an obvious and significant step in the right direction” for smokers who are already forced to use alternative nicotine products.

She called it “an incredibly significant step forward” and “the first step toward making smoking a crime in Washington D.G.”

Beehr said that the new rules, if enacted, could have a devastating effect on Washington D,Cs economy.

“It will cost businesses hundreds of millions of dollars, potentially hundreds of thousands of jobs, and possibly cause many to close their doors,” she said.

The president, however was quick to defend the new policy.

“I think we are all going to be OK,” Trump said in his announcement.

“We are all here to make America great again.”

But the new law does not go far enough for many smokers.

One Washington D.,C.

resident who asked not to be named said, “[The ban] is a really bad idea.

It’s a really big step backwards for Washington D.”

Others said they have yet to see any positive impact on their health from the ban, even though it will likely have an effect on cigarette consumption.

“When you ban something, it’s pretty much useless,” said Sarah Jankowski, who is trying unsuccessfully to quit smoking for over a year.

She said she thinks the ban will have an impact on her cigarette consumption, because she now can’t buy cigarettes in her neighborhood.

“What I can do is go to Walgreens and get my cigarette,” she explained.

“You’re talking about buying two cigarettes.

I’ll probably smoke three.”

A study published by the National Institutes of Health found that while smoking rates are still falling in Washington and the nation overall, the health effects of smoking are increasing, with some smokers reporting significant health problems.

“While some cigarette smoking has declined, rates of lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes are rising in the United States,” the researchers concluded.

“In general, these trends are largely due to the increased consumption of cigarettes.”

The researchers also found that smokers who quit are less likely to have problems in their health and overall health.

A third of Washington D,,C., residents surveyed reported smoking cigarettes, and about half said they smoked regularly.

That’s compared to nearly a third of adults in the rest of the country.

Bae-Hassett said the study’s findings should serve as a warning to other states.

“States have to be very careful,” she told The Washington Times.

“A lot of these studies don’t really capture the full effects of the ban.”

Befriending the smoker In Washington D,.

C., the new ban will also affect some of the people who support it.

“As far as I know, the smoking ban has not affected smokers in Washington,” said BaeHasset, “but I know that they’re going to find it very hard to be seen as being against smoking.”

The president’s decision to ban smoking in the capital also has an impact in other parts of the state.

“Washington D. C. is a major smoke-free city,” said Jankowski.

“But I think the smoke ban is going to affect Washington D D.

“There will be fewer smokers in the city, and it’s going to put pressure on other parts. “

And that is really going to hurt Washington D,” she added.

“There will be fewer smokers in the city, and it’s going to put pressure on other parts.

Washington D is a very diverse place.

The smoke ban in Washington DC is going all the way to its core.”