Shopify: Cigarettes for sale are on sale online for the first time

E-cigarette shop vendors have been allowed to sell cigarettes online in an attempt to help ease the growing opioid crisis.Shopify CEO David Rennell said the e-cigarette industry is in a unique position to help solve the epidemic.“We have a huge […]

e cigarette ban in DC?s capital may not survive the Trump administration

Washington DC, D.C. — It’s not the first time President Donald Trump has said that he doesn’t think cigarette smoking is healthy.In 2016, the president said, “I don’t smoke, I don’t like cigarettes, I think it’s a terrible product.”The statement […]

e cigarette bangokkok bans e cigarettes for the rest of the year

e cigarette manufacturers and retailers in the capital have been ordered to stop selling e cigarettes online and in shops, a month after it was banned.On December 13, the city government said e cigarettes were now banned at public places […]

Finiti e cigarettes are the best in the world

When it comes to smoking cessation, the two major companies that make e-cigarettes and other electronic cigarettes are far apart, according to a new report.Finiti and other e-cigarette companies are doing better than most competitors on several measures.But the market […]