How to get more e cigarette sales, even if you’re not a member of the tobacco industry

By Lauren FrayerAn e-cigarette has long been a gateway to tobacco products, but with the rise of the e-cigarettes and the emergence of vapor products, it is increasingly seen as a way to quit smoking.According to the latest data from […]

How to Make Your E Cigarette Smell Like a Ghost Flavor (TechCrunch)

By now, you’re probably aware that the e cigarette industry is in a state of crisis.E-cigarettes, unlike regular cigarettes, can help people quit smoking, but they also provide a new and potentially lethal avenue of nicotine addiction.In a recent study, […]

When it comes to smoking cigarettes, it’s not as simple as you think

By David G. SmithThe Washington TimesDecember 12, 2016, 10:51:21When it comes the smoking of cigarettes, the science is clear, according to Dr. David Gans, director of the tobacco control program at the National Cancer Institute.He says it’s much less complicated […]

How to Get an Electronic Cigarette that Smokes Like an e Cigarette

An electronic cigarette has a vaporizer that turns a chemical compound, e-juice, into vapor.That’s not the only way it’s made, however.An e-cigarette’s vapor comes from a process called convection heating.When you vape on a conventional cigarette, the vapor is hot.But […]