Which E-Cigarette Brands Are Best for Smoking?

IGN is celebrating the release of a new brand guide, which aims to help smokers make informed choices about e-cigarettes.The guide, titled E-cigarette: Your Guide to Smoking and E-Liquids, is a collaboration between IGN and the American Lung Association (ALA).It […]

When will the e cigarette style become mainstream?

What do you think?Will e cigs become mainstream in the next 5 years?Will you ever try one?We are talking about electronic cigarettes, the electronic nicotine delivery systems that are currently in use.Electronic cigarettes have become an incredibly popular form of […]

Why the FDA says e-cigarettes are safer than tobacco cigarettes

Cigarettes have long been associated with cancer, and the American Cancer Society estimates that nearly 90% of cancer deaths are caused by smoking.But the American Medical Association, a group of the nation’s top doctors, has warned that e-cigarette use is […]