US approves E-cigarettes in the face of new regulations

The United States is about to begin the first phase of a sweeping federal regulation of electronic cigarettes.The rules were announced Tuesday in the form of a draft regulatory plan for electronic cigarettes that would apply to manufacturers of electronic […]

What do you think about e cigarette safety?

e cigarette carriers are often touted as a cheaper alternative to traditional cigarettes due to the fact that they do not contain tobacco and are less harmful than traditional cigarettes.However, many people worry that these devices could be misused, leading […]

E Cigarette Cover: The Regal E Cigarettes New Zealand Showcase

The Regals New Zealand debut e cigarette show will be a grand success!The regal e cigarette is on the cover of the new issue of The Regalian, the brand’s flagship magazine.The cover features a regal regal, the regal tobacco symbol, […]

How the new e-cigarette marketing strategy is working for the brands who want to sell it to kids

The e-cigarettes are now so popular, and so expensive, that cigarette advertising campaigns and other promotional activities are getting outsourced to companies that sell them to kids, according to e-cig manufacturers.This trend is making it harder to attract kids to […]